Swing Slide Ice person in 2014, using a homeless mans sock for a face scarf

Swing Slide Ice Person in 2014 using a sock to conceal his face

Basic Information Edit

Swing Slide Ice Person is a character in the series of videos uploaded onto the “MrHowToVsauce4” YouTube channel. Before becoming a successful surgeon, he was homeless and only had a sock that he stole from a homeless person to conceal his face.

He faces many enemies, but not one of them know his weakness. Welp, guess it's jinxed now. He is allergic to Dihydrogen-Monoxide, which is quite weird, considering his fetish of Ice. It seems as if his Immune System has evolved to the point where it can endure Water in the solid form.

Background Edit

Swing Slide Ice Person was born at an unknown date, therefore his age is unknown. Although he appears to look the same in a flashback to “5 years ago”, which suggests that he may be immortal.

Trivia Edit

  • Swing Slice Ice Person has a hobby of sniffing snow.
  • his backpack weighs 54kg
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